Coastal Construction and FEMA Compliance

In areas where sewer is not available, septic systems can often be an effective, and environmentally-friendly method for dealing with wastewater.  Septic systems are not a one-size-fits-all solution, and each one must be tailor-made to fit the property.  Everything from soil-type, land slope, water-table level, nearby wetlands and environmental preserves can affect how a system should be designed. 

The below plan was for the design, permitting, and construction of a septic system in Mansfield, prepared in Novermber 2017.  The plan details the septic tank, leaching field and distribution box.  It also shows the soil and percolation test data.

Coastal Construction and Fema Compliance

Building a structure near the water comes with the risk of flooding, and therefore the structures must be complaint with the standards set by FEMA. 

The following plan was for a coastal dwelling in Quincy.  The plan was designed according to FEMA standards, and with the consideration of the adjacent resource area.